TeleDart Dart Syringes for Pistols and Guns

TeleDart dart syringes work with the proven double-chamber system (a drug chamber and an air chamber) and are pressurized with air.

Why Our Darts Work Best

By building up an "overpressure" inside the air chamber, the drug inside the drug chamber is injected automatically. This design has worked reliably for many years, and has been regularly improved by our technicians.

Our dart syringes also offer you the advantages of our carefully-chosen plastic materials, as well as our modern manufacturing techniques. We offer darts to fit a variety of barrel calibers, and in sizes that accommodate different drug volumes for all your animal care and control needs.

TeleDart Syringe Darts for Guns

Choose From Our Comprehensive Dart Syringe Product Line

Following is our comprehensive listing of standard syringe darts. Ask us about special sizes. Dart models with an asterisk (*) include a metal cap to enable the safe recovery of dart and needles when doing medical treatments on animals.

We also provide dart syringes for blowpipes.

Dart Syringes for 11 mm Caliber

Following are the dart syringes, and drug volumes, for this caliber.

Model Drug Volume
TD01 1 cc
TD02 2 cc
TD03 3 cc
TD05-11 5 cc

Dart Syringes for 13 mm Caliber

Following are the dart syringes, and drug volumes, for this caliber.

Model Drug Volume
TD05-13* 5 cc
TD10* 10 cc
TD15* 15 cc
TD20 10 cc

Dart Syringes for 16 mm Caliber

Following are the dart syringes, and drug volumes, for this caliber.

Model Drug Volume
TD01-16 1 cc
TD02-16 2 cc
TD03-16 3 cc
TD05-16* 5 cc
TD10-16* 10 cc
TD15-16* 15 cc
TD20-16* 20 cc

Get PDF datasheet of dart syringes and needles for guns.

Advantages of TeleDart Syringes

These are just some of the many advantages of our dart syringes:

  • Temperature-resistant: Our plastic material does not dry up in heat, and does not get brittle in cold.
  • Moisture-proof: TeleDart syringes do not swell up. They always fit smoothly into the barrel.
  • Safe, pressurized drug release: The elastic membrane inside the air chamber works like a valve, and is responsible for the correct injection of the drug. You can easily test it: Using the venting pin (VP), press very softly against the membrane of the red air plunger. If you see a soft-elastic behavour of the plunger without removing it from the air chamber opening, the pressure is high enough for use.
  • Our darts do not burst: TeleDart dart syringes resist even the hardest impacts. They do not splinter – and they do not burst.
  • Perfect flight results: It's simple, but only straight darts can fly straight. Our one-piece construction ensures straight darts. The aerodynamics of our darts will convince you with their exceptional long-distance performance.
  • Sterilizable: TeleDart dart syringes can be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Leak-proof: When used with a TeleDart needle, the dart is 100% leak-proof.
  • Tested fully: All our darts are pressurized and fully tested before being shipped.
  • Cost-effective: In addition to our good prices, if handled with care TeleDart syringes can be reused several times.

The Innovative TeleDart Air Pressure Plunger

Due to the centrifugal force, conventional plungers have a tendancy to release themselves at the moment of impact. When that happens, the over-pressure in the air chamber empties unintentionally. That prevents a complete release of the drug, which is a problem with other brands of syringes.

The innovative TeleDart design solves that problem. Our new, lightweight air pressure plunger absorbs a lot of the force. Our elastic membrane avoids releasing the plunger at the moment of impact. As a result, the pressure remains stable – and the drug is injected safely.

Always Handle Carefully

Please be aware that the special design of our air pressure plunger requires a certain care. Because of this, you should always use the original TeleDart venting pin (VP). This way you avoid mechanical damage to the air pressure plunger. Never use dart syringes with bent or otherwise damaged air pressure plungers. You should always carefully follow the instructions provided with your Teledart dart syringes.

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