The TeleDart RD706 Injection Gun

The TeleDart RD706 remote injection gun is an extremely accurate, very high-quality dart gun, which is suitable for long distances of up to 70 meters (230 feet). It is supplied with an elegant gun case and complete starter kit of supplies.

A Comfortable Gun with Long-Range Accuracy

The unusual design of the RD706 is based on a modern sports rifle. Because it is anatomically perfect, this gun is both comfortable and extremely accurate. It is the perfect remote dart gun for all distances and all sizes of dart syringes – the 11 caliber barrel accommodates dart syringes from 1 to 5 cc, while the 13 caliber barrel accommodates syringes from 5 to 20 cc.

TeleDart RD706 Gun

The TeleDart RD706 gun works safely and silently at distances from 5 to 70 meters. It also offers superb ease of ease. This gun has direct breech loading, an infinitely-adjustable power supply, an easily readable pressure gauge, and a trigger with a safety control. Additionally, you can easily add an optical aiming device of your choice.

To ensure a long working life, the gun is manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials that are protected with a durable, high-quality coating. The cheek piece and grip are finely covered with hardwood. All functional parts are protected by the casing and integrated into the body of the rifle. As a testament to this gun's precise engineering quality, we provide a 20-year guarantee that cover the gun's functionality.

TeleDart RD706 Gun TeleDart RD706 Gun

To complement the gun and get you started quickly, we provide you with an ample starter kit of supplies. The starter equipment includes CO2 cartridges, dart syringes and needles, as well as all the small parts necessary for filling the syringes. An elegant and practical gun case completes the package.

Technical Data

Technical details follow. TeleDart guarantees the function of these guns for 20 years!

Specification Details
Weight (with barrel) 3.2 kg (7 pounds)
Length (with barrel) 112 cm (44 inches)
Barrel, length: 80 cm Caliber 11 (aluminium) or
Caliber 16 (carbon fiber, optional)
Range, maximum 130 meters (trained, experienced shooters only)
Range, effective 70 meters (depending on size of dart syringe)
Caliber Your choice: 11 mm or 16 mm
Volume of dart syringes 1 to 5 cc (Caliber 11 mm)
5 to 20 cc (Caliber 16 mm)
Pressure regulation Infinitely adjustable
Pressure supply CO2 cartridges (16 g or 45 g) or airpump
Trigger With trigger point and safety catch
Kinetic energy > 7.5 Joule
Warranty 20 years

Safety First

Safety features include a press-button power supply. The pressure can always be controlled at the easily-readable manometer. The integrated safety valve prevents over-pressurizing. The trigger block safety mechanism prevents unintentional shooting.

The dart syringe can be inserted directly into the pistol, and is precisely stationed by the positioning pin.

Great Comfort, Handling, and Accuracy

TeleDart RD706 Gun

The gun's cheek piece and butt plate are individually adjustable. A mounting for an optical aiming device of your choice is provided.

Well-chosen materials and solid workmanship are the basis for this gun's excellent, repeatable shooting results. The included pressure table gives you an indication of the pressure needed to work without hurting the animal.

Aiming is done with backsight and foresight. But you can also mount an optional, optical sight of your choice.

Tips for Using an Animal Control Gun

Always consider the weather conditions at the time. Wind and rain can influence the flight of your dart syringe. Because weather conditions like wind can influence the trajectory, only highly-trained shooters should work at distances of over 40 meters. Regular training and experience are essential.

Equipment Choices

Following is information about the basic equipment for this fine gun. Get PDF datasheet.

Optional Barrels Includes
Caliber 11 mm
(1 to 5 cc)

Caliber 16 mm
(5 to 20 cc)
1x Elegant gun case
1 x Prismatic rail for additional aiming devices (telescopic sight or red dot)
10 x Syringes
10 x Needles
10 x CO2 cartridges
1 x Instructions
Plus syringe filling parts, pressure table, etc.

This optional equipment is also available:

  • Adaptor for CO2 cartridges, 45 g
  • A 16 mm barrel for dart syringes from 5 to 20 cc
  • Telescopic sights: Bushnell "Sportsman 3-9x 42" or Bushnell "Trophy" 1 x 28 red dot sight
  • Laser rangefinder: Bushnell "Sport 450"
  • Quick connector and adaptor for airpumps

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