TeleDart Blowpipes

A TeleDart blowpipe lets you safely perform animal immobilization and medical treatment, working from a distance.

The World's First User-Friendly Blowpipe with Safety Mouthpiece

For shorter distances, a blowpipe like the TeleDart B11 directly below is the right instrument to choose. It is well-accepted in the veterinary medicine field as a safe, effective, and economical method for tranquilization and treatment of animals.

TeleDart B11 Blowpipe

Another World's First: Our Removable Safety Mouthpiece

During the blowpipe dart loading procedure, you can easily remove the mouthpiece.

BlowpipeWhy is this important to you?

  • Hygiene: You can take off the mouthpiece after use, disinfect it or even clean it in your dishwasher.
  • Convenience: If several people are working with the blowpipe, each one can have their own personal mouthpiece. You can buy the mouthpieces separately.
  • Safety: If using hazardous drugs the filled blowpipe syringe has no contact with the mouthpiece.
  • Swallow protection: You can not accidentally breath in the dart.

Choose the Perfect Blowpipe

You can choose from the following blowpipe models:

Model & Length Distance Drug Volume
Blowpipe B11, length 100 cm 8-10 meters (26-33 feet) 1-3 cc
Blowpipe B11, with extension Up to 15 meters (50 feet) 1-3 cc
Blowpipe B14, length 140 cm 10-12 meters (33-40 feet) 5 cc

For even more demanding needs, see our high-performance blowpipe.

TeleDart Blowpipes Are Manufactured From Space-Age Materials

BlowpipeAll TeleDart blowpipes are made of carbon fiber, a material that originated from advanced outer space research. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight and fail-safe. Plus our comfortable handgrip ensures accurate aiming.

We deliver all B11 and B14 blowpipes with a handy transportation bag. The bag lets you conveniently store and transport the blowpipe, syringes, drugs, and all accessories. Get blowpipes PDF datasheet.

A Tip for Using an Animal Control Blowpipe

Practice makes perfect. You should regularly practice the use of your blowpipe, such as the TeleDart B14 blowpipe below.

TeleDart B14 Blowpipe

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