Dart Syringes for TeleDart Blowpipes

To complement our standard and high-performance blowpipes, we provide you with a variety of dart syringes to meet your needs.

We also provide dart syringes for pistols and guns.

All TeleDart blowpipe darts are pressurized with air. The dart consists of an air chamber and a drug chamber. Filling the darts is easy and uncomplicated.

TeleDart Syringe for Blowpipes

TeleDart Dart Syringes are Available in Various Sizes

All TeleDart dart syringes include a woolen stabilizer and safety cap. The standard packing unit is five pieces.

We offer the following dart sizes:

Model Fits These Blowpipes Drug Volume
BD1 Fits blowpipes B11 and B16 1 cc
BD2 Fits blowpipes B11 and B16 2 cc
BD3 Fits blowpipes B11 and B16 3 cc
BD4 Fits blowpipes B14 and B16 5 cc

Our Reusable Darts are Safe for Treating Your Animals

When using an air-pressurized dart system, injuries to animals are rare. If handled with care, our darts and needles can be reused several times. Get blowpipe supplies PDF datasheet.

Consult with your veterinary doctor or pharmacist to determine the best medications for the animals you are treating.

TeleDart Syringes for Blowpipes

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