Needles for TeleDart Blowpipes

We provide a variety of needles to fit our standard and high-performance blowpipes. Our needles have been specially developed for use in blowpipes and have a lateral opening.

We also provide needles for dart pistols and guns.

TeleDart Needles for Blowpipes

TeleDart Blowpipe Needles Provide Animal Immobilization and Treatment – From a Distance

The sealing sleeve situated at the lateral opening of the needle pushes back at the moment of impact, so the drug is injected subcutaneously.

All TeleDart needles include five sealing sleeves. The standard packing unit is 10 pieces. TeleDart needles can be used with any of our dart syringes.

We offer the following needles:

Model Intended Use Diameter & Length
BN0925 Small animals (birds, cats, etc.) 0.9 mm & length 25 mm
BN1130 Medium animals (dogs, deer, etc.) 1.1 mm & length 30mm
BN1138 Larger animals (deer, red deer, etc.) 1.1 mm & length 38 mm
BN1238 Largest Animals (cattle, etc.) 1.2 mm & length 38 mm

Our Reusable Needles are Safe for Treating Your Animals

An air-pressurized dart system prevents injuries to animals. If handled with care, all TeleDart blowpipe dart syringes and needles can be used several times. Get blowpipe supplies PDF datasheet.

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